Your Best Go-To Moving Checklist

The CPF Team
October 19, 2022

So you’ve signed the lease on your dream home, secured your mortgage, and are ready to move. So what now? Whether you have moved around a lot, or just purchased your first home, everyone can benefit from tips for making moving day (relatively) stress-free. Here's a comprehensive moving checklist to ensure that this important day goes smoothly for you and your family. 

6-8 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Sort through everything: From boxes in your attic that have not been touched for 20 years, to every article of clothing you own. Go through all of your belongings and sort them into three categories: one for the trash, one for charitable giveaway, and one to keep and move into your new home. 
  • Assemble your moving supplies: This wouldn't be a complete moving checklist without your moving supplies! Start to gather boxes and other moving supplies such as tape, bubble wrap, and markers. Pro-tip: visit stores around your neighborhood and ask them for any packing materials they are throwing out. A lot of times they're glad to get rid of their boxes.
  • Organize important documents: Collect all of your important documents that you might need throughout your moving process and keep them in an accessible place. This includes moving estimates, final bills, personal documents needed for enrolling your children into school, your lease/rental agreement, etc. 
  • Take measurements: Make sure the doorways in your new home are wide enough to accommodate your larger furniture pieces.

2-4 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Book your movers: Solidify your moving date and book your movers. Make sure you research multiple moving company options, review customer reviews, and compare quotes. Ask your real estate agent or mortgage broker if they have any recommendations. 
  • Begin packing: Start packing items that you don’t use everyday, like family heirlooms and seasonal clothes. Make sure to label all of your boxes clearly on all sides, marking items as fragile, if needed. 
  • Request time-off of work: If you can, go ahead and plan to take a day or two off of work for your move. You want to account for any potential moving delays and give yourself plenty of time to settle into your new home before returning to work. Plus, allotting one day of rest after a stressful move isn’t a bad idea, either! 
  • Fill out a change of address form and notify important parties: Submit a formal request with your local post-office, or online, to forward all your mail to your new address. Also make sure to notify your bank, human resources department, credit card and insurance companies, and any other parties who need your updated address.

The Week of Moving Day

  • Confirm moving arrangements: Call your moving company and make sure that all the details for your move are correct. Also, take this opportunity to review your invoice from the moving company and set aside money for tipping. 
  • Defrost the freezer: If you are bringing your refrigerator with you, make sure to empty, clean, and defrost it your freezer at least 24 hours before moving day. Try to use up as many perishable items as you can and pack away the rest in coolers.
  • Pack your bags: Now it's time to finish packing! Seal up your boxes and pack up everything else in your home. Make sure to pack overnight bags for your family, as well, so that everyone has enough clothes to wear for a few days.

And finally, since you prepared yourself so well for your move, all you will have to worry about on moving day is paying your movers and settling into your new home. 

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