September is National Mortgage Professionals Month

The CPF Team
September 5, 2022

Every September, we celebrate National Mortgage Professionals Month, when we can show appreciation to the unsung heroes who help families move into their dream homes. Mortgage professionals provide guidance from the moment you find your dream home, all the way until moving day. To better understand the professionals that work with you, we've compiled a list of the different positions that have a hand in your mortgage process.

Home Loan Consultants

Also called mortgage loan consultants or mortgage brokers, these professionals help their clients find the best home financing options that fit their budgets. They will also help you get pre-qualified for your mortgage loan, walk you through the loan application process, and ensure that you understand what's available to you.

"Always ready to help, guide, and give certainty to people on the biggest financial decision of their lives"

CPF Mortgage Loan Officer Team

Compliance Officers

Compliance officers will ensure that your loan applications and materials are not only submitted on time but also that they are in compliance with state and federal regulations. This critical role helps you avoid submitting an application with misinformation, which could lead to legal trouble or fines. Definitely not the way you would want to start the journey to your new home!

"Setting your loan up for success"

CPF Mortgage Processing Validation Team


This role acts as your checks and balance system. Processors review all application materials to ensure accuracy, completeness, and prepare the application package for timely submission. The processor will also act as a conduit between you and your lender, so that all you have to worry about in the application process is signing on the dotted line. 

"Dotting the I's and crossing the T's your processing team makes your loan hit the finish line on time"

CPF Mortgage Processor Team


This role could also be called โ€œthe gatekeeperโ€ because this individual works for your mortgage lender, assesses whether or not you present a lending risk, and (hopefully) approves your loan application. Underwriters will also review your homeโ€™s appraisal information and title in order to ensure that the property does not have legal claims on it. 


If you have reached this individual, you've made it to the finish line! The mortgage closer will coordinate the closing schedule with your lender and provide a completed closing package to the title company for you to sign. Finally, the deed is yours and you can move into your dream home!

Mortgage professionals support you throughout the entire home buying process, beginning to end. So this month, and every September, we express our gratitude to these professionals who help us navigate the lengthy and complicated home buying process. Each of these roles will help you secure the best mortgage loan possible, expedite the loan application process, and ensure that you can move into your new home seamlessly.

CPF Mortgage is here to help

CPF Mortgage is a family-owned and operated independent mortgage company and broker that provides expert home-financing support and devoted customer service. For more information about your home buying options, contact us today.

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